Neil McCarthy 12 August 2006

Morrisons' clean and well-merchandised Oldhham store provided all 33 items with sky-high service.

Paul Chapman 2 September 2006

Tidy aisles and attentive staff helped Morrisons' Stratford store win the award twice this year.

Jennifer McCusker 9 September 2006

A speedy checkout process made Morrisons' Bishopbriggs store in Kirkintilloch a clear winner.

H Henriques 16 September 2006

Efficient teamwork and a hands on approach to customer service were a winning mix for this store.

Chris Sampson 30 September 2006

Tempting special offers and vigilant staff thrilled our shopper at Morrisons' Ecclesfield store.

Neil Barber 7 October 2006

The smell of freshly baked bread at Morrisons' well-stocked Bristol store made our shopper's mouth water.

H Henriques 11 Novemeber 2006

Excellent service and availability helped Morrisons' Temple End to score a double whammy.

Miles Foster 25 November 2006

Polite staff and the store manager's presence on the shop floor made Morrisons' Rotherham store a winner.

Mike Shaw 2 December 2006

A clean, bright and welcoming interior made for a highly positive shopping experience at Livingston.