Positions in the retailer chart remain stable, with changes only in second and third positions because Safeway has shifted up one place to number two.
This is the second consecutive week Safeway has climbed: two weeks ago it was in fifth place with a 15% share of the activity. This week its share is 22%.
The retailer continues to make particularly good use of off fixture displays with a huge number devoted to confectionery, clearly aimed at the Christmas market.
Just five percentage points separate the top three retailers, indicating the increasingly fierce competition.
Alcoholic drinks and confectionery at numbers one and two in the category chart move further ahead of the field. Increasingly, there are more promotions on spirits with a greater number of price cuts along with a multitude of offers on wine. Cakes and biscuits and health and beauty both come in as new entries at numbers three and five respectively.
Cakes and biscuits focuses upon price promotions while health and beauty features a wide variety of multibuy offers.
Cadbury's consolidates its lead in the brand chart and stands well clear of McVitie's which comes in at number two.
Mars and Nestlé ­ove up to positions three and four from six and seven last week. There are four new entries to the chart this week. These are Terry's, Kellogg's, Princes and Pringles.
In the own label chart frozen remains at number one while snacks leaps to second place from number five. Alcoholic drinks continues at number three but is threatened by household which comes in as a new entry at number four.