In an embarrassing move for Sainsbury, the retailer has recalled six products from its Freefrom range. They are labelled free from wheat and gluten but have been found to contain traces of gluten.
A spokeswoman for Sainsbury said that very low levels of gluten were found in two product lines during a routine test prompting the recall as a precautionary measure. She also confirmed that no complaints had been received from customers with wheat or gluten allergies.
Three varieties of cookies have been recalled, Sainsbury’s Freefrom coconut and raspberry 200g, coconut and chocolate 200g, and stem ginger and lemon flavour 200g. The other three lines were Sainsbury’s Freefrom shortbread 200g, shortbread with raspberry flavoured jammy bits 200g, and chocolate and orange flavoured shortbread 200g.
Sainsbury is working with its supplier to find out how the gluten got into the products.