Massive publicity from sponsoring the Commonwealth games helped Asda reach Christmas-sized sales figures at its latest supercentre in Manchester. Its largest store so far ­ part of a regeneration project at Eastlands ­ pulled in 80,000 people in the first week. The 100,500 sq ft store has the biggest non-food offer at 60%, compared with the usual 30%, and will act as a test bed for the chain. Eastlands has Asda's first nail bar and health and well being centre, which brings pharmacy, health, beauty, videos, candles, books and jewellery together. The store also has the first dedicated pet centre, which includes pet toys and a free telephone helpline to allow customers to speak directly to a veterinary assistant. Large displays feature soft furnishings, while lounge, kitchen and office furniture is merchandised in roomsets. Food has also been approached differently with more space given over to organics and an Irish food section specially integrated for the local community. l For more about the store see page 28. {{NEWS }}