Shoppers in Tesco's Cirencester store were terrified this week when a "giant crow" with a 5ft wingspan swooped between the aisles and raided the bakery.

According to local reports the bird has spent the past two days feasting on fresh cookies. Unsurprisingly, it has resisted attempts to lure it outside with mere breadcrumbs.

An amusing little tale maybe, but the reader comments generated on the news page reveal a somewhat darker side to the county's Tesco shoppers. Simon B suggests either luring the crow outside with cookies or, alternatively, "get someone with an air rifle with zeroed sights to shoot it through the head".

Disappointed Dave of Gloucester reveals that he had actually been in the store with the bird and that staff seemed quite "jolly" about it. "They do not want it shot," he muses, adding "like all things nowadays, politics stand in the way".

Bloodthirsty Nick from Cirencester sees an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone (sorry). "Shoot it," he writes, "Kill it and move on. Once killed they could pluck it and sell it on the meat counter."

There you go, simple as that. Get rid of an unwelcome visitor and satisfy the growing demand for local produce in one fell swoop (again, I'm sorry).