Asda has maintained its cheapest retailer title with a £50.57 basket that cost almost £2 less than second-placed Tesco.

Asda provided 26 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items and made just one price hike - to broccoli, which was up 10p per kg.

It also featured two small reductions - pork pies were down 1p and Trebor mints by 2p. Asda also had eight promotions - the highest number among the retailers this week.

Tesco jumped from third to second place. It provided 20 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items and its basket featured seven price cuts. Apples were down 1p per kg, broccoli by 31p per kg, Hovis bread 1p, Hula Hoops 2p, tomato purée 4p and Trebor mints 2p.

The retailer also upped the price of four items - Fairy Liquid by 3p, shower gel by 13p, spring onions by 11p and organic cherry tomatoes by 20p after a week-long promotion ended.

Third-placed Morrisons slid one place, but competition was tough as the gap between its £52.54 basket and Tesco's was just 22p. The retailer provided 13 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items, but none of the 33 items were on promotion and there were no price reductions. There were three price hikes, however - broccoli was up 21p per kg, organic cherry tomatoes up 25p and McCain chips up 19p.

Sainsbury's remained second-most expensive, with a basket costing £2.42 more than Asda's. It made just one reduction and four hikes, resulting in a basket costing 1.3% more than last week. Its Trebor mints were down 2p, broccoli was up 31p per kg, McCain chips were up 19p and the end of a two-week promotion caused a 9p hike on organic cherry tomatoes.

Waitrose remained in fifth place. It upped the price of four items - Birds Eye cod rose 19p and spring onions 11p, while the ending of promotions pushed naan bread up 35p and pork pies up 50p. Two items were reduced - broccoli by 10p per kg and Peperami by 2p.