Asda has retained the cheapest retailer title for a third week running, seeing off a resurgent Tesco with a relatively comfortable £1.95 lead.

The gap between Asda and its nearest rival has widened since last week, when just 95p separated it from second place Morrisons. Asda was cheapest on 25 of the 33 items this week, despite a basket which cost 69p more this week than last.

A promotion on Cathedral City, down to £1.25 from £1.96, was Asda’s main price cut of the week, but this was offset by a £1.10/kg price hike on pork chops, which went up 31% to £4.68.

Tesco snatched the second spot from Morrisons with its £50.73 basket. It knocked 5p off the price of lemons, which fell to 30p, and reduced its cucumbers from 68p to 64p. It did, however, put an extra 8p on its garlic baguettes, upping their price to £1.22.

Morrisons slipped to third place with a basket 3.5% more expensive than last week, due largely to the end of a promotion on Pepsi, increasing its price from £1.00 to £1.45. It also boosted its cucumbers from 68p to 74p, but cut the price of tuna 2p to 35p. Sainsbury’s continued to creep ever closer to third place, but once again fell short this week, with a basket just 10p more expensive than Morrisons’. Had the retailer not added 16p to the price of its value digestives – this week’s biggest price rise of 72.7% – or 65p/kg on gammon, it would have taken third place.

Waitrose bucked food price inflation this week, delivering a basket 1.1% cheaper week-on-week. A 15p rise on the fajita kit was more than offset, as semi-skimmed milk was reduced by 29p, Pepsi 28p and red seedless grapes 51p/kg.

Last week we incorrectly reported an increase in the price of houmous at Waitrose from 89p to £1.29. The price of Waitrose houmous actually remains 89p. This means last week’s Waitrose basket was 18.4% more expensive than Asda’s, not 19% as reported. We apologise for the error.