Asda produced the cheapest basket this week – comfortably undercutting nearest rival Tesco by £2.08.

The retailer provided 23 of the 33 cheapest or joint-cheapest items and had the most promotions of all the retailers, which helped it net first place. It also cut the price of the Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit by 74p, apples by 13p, Birds Eye cod by 1p, and Fairy liquid by 3p.

Its basket was 4.1% more expensive week-on-week, however, due to offers ending on several items, including Nescafé, which was back up by £1.13 after nine weeks on promotion, and Scrumpy Jack, up by 30p after eight weeks. Grapes too were up, by 50p/kg.

Tesco, whose £63.77 basket was £1.10 cheaper than third-placed Morrisons, had 18 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items and three promotions. Its celery was up 34p after a two-week promotion ended and there were hikes on the fajita dinner kit, up 36p, and Greek yoghurt, up 20p.

It made only a few price cuts. Nescafé was down £1.13 and 1p was knocked off the Magnums, McCains chips and Cadbury’s chocolate.

Morrisons had no items on promotion and its basket cost £3.18 more than Asda’s, mainly due to a promotion ending on Doritos, which were up 42p, as well as the fajita kit, which was up 36p, Greek yoghurt was up 20p and grapes up 50p. Its Parma ham was slashed by 60p, however, and there were smaller reductions on McCain’s chips, down 2p, and Birds Eye cod, down 1p.

Sainsbury’s had three promotions and a 21p reduction on cauliflower, but this was not enough to dislodge it from fourth place. The retailer upped the price of its celery by 18p after a three-week promotion ended and its tomatoes were up by 10p/kg.

Waitrose’s basket cost £22.06 more than Asda’s. Its grapes were up 50p, the fajita kit 21p, Greek yoghurt 7p and Fairy liquid 2p. It made just two reductions, cutting milk by 7p and Flora Light by 3p.