Asda saw off a strong challenge from Morrisons to retain the title of cheapest retailer for a second week, after it seized the crown from Tesco last week.

Just 95p separated Asda from nearest rival Morrisons, despite Asda being cheapest on more products than any other retailer, only being beaten on 11 of the 33 basket items.

Asda’s victory came despite a basket that was 6.9% more expensive than last week, with a 55p price rise on bagged potatoes and an 18p hike on celery. A 39p reduction on German salami was Asda’s only significant price cut.

It was a good week for Morrisons, which took the second spot from Tesco by a margin of £1.99. The retailer had cut the prices of bagged potatoes and celery by 10p and 18p respectively, but did offset these with increases of 3p and 17p on oranges and Peperami.

Tesco’s slide down the pricing rankings continued, as it found itself in third place this week. This came despite a basket that was slightly cheaper week-on-week. A 20p rise on spring onions and a 9p hike on tomato purée were more than offset by a 51p price drop on Wall’s sausages and a 6p cut on oranges.

With a £55.87 basket, Sainsbury’s was a much closer contender for third place this week than last, but fell £1.06 short of Tesco. Even if the retailer had not upped the price of Bird’s custard powder by 13p and Shreddies by 14p, it would not have overtaken Tesco. Still, the retailer has closed the gap significantly from last week, when it was £3.19 behind third place.

Waitrose once again came a distant fifth with a basket costing £9.95 more than the cheapest on offer. The benefits of the hefty 33% cut in the price of whole chicken, from £3.25/kg to £2.19/kg, were nullified by four price rises since last week.

Houmous shot up 45%, from 89p to £1.29, Naan breads jumped 56% from 89p to £1.39, tomato purée went up from 34p to 55p, a 62% rise, and oranges crept up 6p to 35p. Waitrose’s basket cost 19% more than Asda’s this week.