Sainsbury’s has made a stunning comeback to knock Asda off the top spot this week. The retailer has leapt from fourth to first place with the help of price cuts on four items. Its basket cost £1.52 less than nearest rival Morrisons and boasted 14 of the cheapest items.

Promotions on Yorkshire puddings, reduced by 47p, and Kellogg’s Optivita, down 57p, helped Sainsbury’s secure cheapest retailer status. Its Seeds of Change organic bolognese sauce and butter were down by 12p and 1p respectively. However, Ginsters pasties rose in price by 25p and Patak’s korma sauce by 76p after promotions ended and they returned to full price.

There was little change at second-placed Morrisons. It had no promotions but 11 of the cheapest items. Bananas went up 8p in price and chicken and Dairylea were down 20p and 6p respectively.

Asda slid to third place from first. Its basket cost £1.82 more than Sainsbury’s and featured two price hikes – apples were up by 12p and double cream 4p. However it had 23 of the cheapest items and six promotions, while its bleach was down 5p, John Smith 1p and Seeds of Change 1p.

A 34p price hike on butter contributed to Tesco falling to fourth place, with a basket costing £3.81 more than Sainsbury’s, even though it cut the prices of four items and had 14 of the cheapest items. A promotion reduced Quorn chicken-style pieces by 49p. The retailer also slashed its apples by 27p, tinned sardines by 3p and Kellogg’s Optivita by 1p. Its basket cost 5.7% more than last week.

It was business as usual at Waitrose, which kept its status as the most expensive retailer yet again this week with 25 of the priciest items. Its basket cost £9.19 more than Sainsbury’s compared with just £2.76 last week. The retailer made no increases to prices and offered no promotions. However it did make one reduction – 10p off broccoli.