from Stephen Lochhead, head of graduate recruitment and development, Asda
Sir; re Simon Howard's Careers File article Up there with the Luvvies' (The Grocer, November 39, p58). He said there was an image problem with retail, the sector could not attract quality talent, and it was time to start investing serious money in improving its reputation as an employer.
Retail is one of the few sectors that will continue to enjoy impressive, long-term and sustainable growth. Over the last 18 months other leading' graduate sectors have suffered from high-profile downsizing programmes, market retreats and brand implosions that can hardly have any less sex appeal'.
As part of the Wal-Mart family, our graduates have access to fast-tracked and exciting global careers knowing they have a successful business based on strong foundations for the future.
Graduates of today will decide for themselves on what an attractive employment sector looks like, and initiatives such as William Reed's Careers in Food and Drink will demonstrate the first-rate opportunities in our sector for graduates seeking a well-balanced and creative career in business.