As well as own label manufacturers, the PLMA show will also attract retailers from around the globe that will be demonstrating their latest developments and looking to other countries for inspiration.

In Europe, in particular, retailers are strengthening the own label side of their businesses, with German companies leading by example. The PLMA says this year's Idea Supermarket will feature a raft of new ideas from retailers across Europe.

Netto in Germany, for example, recently launched two own label brands, Netto and Premium, featuring higher-quality and higher-priced alternatives to its budget lines. About 40 products are being tested in many different categories, ranging from canned pears to chocolates and, if successful, the range will be extended.

The new premium products are placed between Netto's economy ranges and branded products. Netto says that it may launch an online shop pilot for non food items, since it has limited space in-store.

Another German discounter, Norma, is also widening its portfolio and has developed a healthy-eating own label range named Nimm's Leicht (Take it easy), featuring fat-reduced ice cream and low-fat ham. Specially designed nutrition labels, named Norma Light System, indicate the caloric value, fat content and other nutrition-related facts.

Lidl will be demonstrating how it is using the Quality Standard logo, an independent certification of product standards, on its product labels. The logo is to be used on fruit and vegetables, potatoes and meat products, including organic products.

Visitors to the show will also be able to get more information about Rewe's plans to increase its own label range.