An extensive range of ethnic ready meals that do not need to be refrigerated have been launched by newly established company Thali Foods.
Available in Tesco, Thali is a 17-strong range of authentic meals that include dishes previously not found on the supermarket shelves. They include vegetable Gujarati meal kits (named after food eaten by the Gujarati Indians), vegetarian snack pots, traditional meal kits and traditional snack pots.
A rice pudding-style dessert, Dhodh Pak, is also available.
The meals are pre-cooked under pressure, which means they do not require refrigeration. Thali Foods said this was a first for this type of ready meal. “Our meals go beyond previous boundaries in the ready meal market and we’re delighted with the results,” said Priyesh Patel, co-founder of Thali Foods.
A Mintel study shows that ethnic food and ready meals are the fastest growing sectors of convenience food. “We felt the time was right,” said Patel.