Exclusive Anne Bruce Tesco.com is preparing to revamp its home shopping website ­ and introduce two major initiatives. Carolyn Bradley, chief operating officer, says the company is already trialing a new e-Clubcard scheme and is developing a store pick-up system for online shoppers as well. She said the initiatives were part of efforts to recruit Tesco shoppers who were put off by the site's teething problems. Bradley admitted: "We made mistakes in the early days, but we are much more efficient now, and excited by our plans for the site." Tesco Clubcard customers can already gather points online. But these can now be redeemed with the e-Clubcard which is on trial with a handful of customers. The e-Clubcard will also award bonus points to customers shopping at the sites of online partners which Tesco is signing up. Bradley also revealed a store pick-up service was under development: "Some customers would find it easier to stop at a store on the way home from work rather than wait for a delivery window." Although Tesco.com is committed to the new store pick-up service, its introduction has been delayed by a computer glitch. News of the trial suprised Sainsbury, which abandoned a similar scheme because of poor demand. A spokeswoman said: "We found that a customer who wanted to go to a store would not be shopping over the net." Bradley said that the revamp would allow it to offer customers services such as personalised express shopping. She said: "If a customer types in potatoes, a drop down list will suggest their usual type." The new look web site will also offer customer to customer recommendations, and a personal recipe book, with a facility to automatically add ingredients to a weekly shop. - Tesco.com launched from three stores in Northern Ireland this week. {{NEWS }}