Name: Simon Laffin Position: Store manager Company: Safeway The job: Safeway finance director Simon Laffin is heading off to the retail frontline to spend four months in charge of a store in the south east. He follows in the footsteps of marketing director Roger Ramsden who is running a store in Hemel Hempstead. Laffin said: "I want to show that finance people can contribute directly to driving sales and great customer service." Running a team of 250, Laffin will oversee full product availability and merchandising of the store. The background: The first main board director to take up the instore challenge, Laffin has worked in food manufacturing for five years and food retailing for 10 years. Laffin said: "I've not worked more than a few days at a time in one of our stores, so this will be a great experience for me." {{PEOPLE MOVES }}