Sainsbury in Forestside, Belfast, claims the Star Performer title this week as the first store in Northern Ireland to check in a full basket.

While Morrisons in Failsworth, Greater Manchester, delivered the cheapest full basket, at £38.92, it was marked down for congestion in the chilled aisles. However, the store, a traditional first generation Morrisons which had been closed for refurbishment, was now described by our shopper as a store that matched the excellence he expected from the chain.

At £39.30, the full basket at Sainsbury was 38p dearer than Morrisons and just 17p more expensive than Morrisons in Rogerstone, which took second place.

Forestside scored top marks in Storewatch and our Northern Ireland shopper described the occasion of a full basket as a “red letter day”. He said the store was clean and the staff friendly, making the whole experience enjoyable. Safeway in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, achieved the fourth full basket of the week, at £43.59. It had the most promotions, including a six pack of Walkers at just 59p. But tomatoes went through at 29p per kilo instead of £1.29.

Somerfield had the most out of stocks, perhaps because of its location in a tourist area. It was awaiting delivery of four items and sold only larger packs of Birds Eye peas.

Tesco failed to scan the onions.