Sue Henderson integrity manager

Our brand standards really define what it takes to be a Sainsbury's product. Many policies are customer-driven, such as taking additives out of our soft drinks - one of the biggest challenges we've faced. It was a great achievement and shows we are leading the way.

Fiona Sullivan retail and supply chain food safety manager

My team is concerned with what happens to products when they come into store. We want to sell in a way that's ethical. We look at temperature control and protecting against cross-contamination, and regularly review our processes.

Richard Applegate technologist crisps and snacks

This year we have achieved a 70% reduction in saturated fat in fried snacks by moving to sunflower oil. We are also constantly looking at how we can lower the salt content of our products. Our main challenge is making products healthier but still achieving a really great taste.

Sophie Furth senior brand manager for Sainsbury's Basics

We have overhauled our Basics range, removing hydrogenated fat and artificial flavour enhancers. We looked at the range with food technologists to ensure that, nutritionally and quality-wise, it compared to our standard ranges.

Annie Graham agricultural manager

I work in partnership with farmers to give them help and support, increase animal welfare and work on environmental issues. We look at what government legislation is going to be like and work towards that. We are working on carbon footprinting on all our dairy farms.

Stuart Lendrum print and packaging manager

We have reduced the size of our larger crisp packets to save 85,000kg of plastic a year. We have 16 million customers a week so small changes make a big difference. Our So Organic range packaging is now 90% recyclable or compostable and we are working to convert all ready meal sleeves to recycled board.