Sir; As time goes on, I begin to feel more and more sorry for the guys down at Somerfield trying to turn Kwik Save round. Nothing seems to go right, and all the press is bad. One might question, however, the wisdom of the route being taken regarding marketing and promotional lines. While driving to work, I am regularly bombarded by the radio adverts proclaiming Every price is a low price at Kwik Save'. This is a snappy little number that proclaims this week's half price offer. The only problem is, the last two incarnations have been offers that I, as a humble Nisa member, have been either running recently, or was about to. These offers were San Marco Margherita Pizza at half price (99p) and Richmond Sausage 907g (frozen) at half price (£1.49). Perhaps I do myself a disservice when I suggest that if matching our price is the best they can do, then they are wasting their marketing budget on proclaiming it. My historic view of Kwik Save was that they traded on price and price. If they had no price advantage they had no USP to offer the consumer. Surely they were the original Every Day Low Pricing retailer, trading from a permanent low price platform that did not allow for occasional half price offers, but did offer the best price on the high street for 46 weeks of the year. Let's get real here. If I know I can match Kwik Save, then my customers know it as well, because I use the Nisa leaflet to do my shouting for me. They need something else here, perhaps a return to their grass roots. Or is discounting dead? Philip Horsfield Owner Allerdene Foodmarkets Low Fell Gateshead {{LETTERS }}