To lose one chairman in a year is unfortunate but to lose two is starting to look a little careless ('Booth stuns as he quits Nisa-Today's', The Grocer, 21 April, p7).

The Nisa Members Association supported the Edwin Booth regime based on the assurances it was given about a new dawn, transparency, openness and governance. It is a shame Edwin cannot continue.

The NMA feels this is a golden opportunity for Nisa to look to the outside world and recruit an independent chairman with top-line experience and pedigree to lead the board and catalyse the changes that Edwin has started and are much needed at Nisa.

The NMA has talented retailers with professional qualifications on the board - Krishan Joshi, Anjum Khan and Rowan Black - who are supported by hundreds of members. They are dedicated to improving Nisa and seek only that they are given the opportunity and leadership to excel for all Nisa members.

Nisa is the only true home for the independent and it can and will be the 'guardian' that all independent retailers need in the future.

Dudley Ramsden and Peter Garvin excelled in creating a wonderful buying group and now the business is so big it needs an experienced hand at the tiller.

The next chairman needs pedigree, experience, guile and a reputation to inspire the hundreds of businesses in Nisa and give them the belief that the board will be led well, which in turn will mean the company will have the best possible direction.

The board will need to consider the future with great care to avoid an implosion.