Liz Hamson's article on retail planning applications 'The People's Planopoly' (2 December, p28) was misleading and unduly negative about Tesco's involvement in the planning process. Instead of speaking to Tesco directly, the article quoted a "disgruntled source close to Tesco". Had you spoken to us, we would have explained that:

* Tesco works with the grain of national planning policy, and, like Kate Barker, believes in a planning system that promotes sustainability alongside economic and social benefits . We have pioneered energy-efficient stores and rejuvenated deprived areas through jobs and training for the long-term unemployed.

* We have consistently supported the strengthened community consultation requirements in PPS6.

* Councillors in Darlington did not "vote against Tesco's plans to develop land there". We did not submit any plans. We believe, had the council involved us before issuing their consultation, the public in Darlington would have been much better able to assess whether a Tesco would bring benefits to the town.

* Like other retailers, we sometimes apply to increase the size of a store after it has opened. It can take several years to determine an application. Over this time, local populations and consumer demand can change quite significantly.

Liz Hamson, deputy editor, writes: "Just to clarify, the source was from Tesco but did not want to be identified as such. And as for Darlington, I did not say a planning application had been submitted."