Musgrave Retail Partners is planning a shake-up of Londis in a bid to improve sales, availability and service for independents operating under the fascia.

It will plough £1m over the next year into cutting wholesale prices on key KVIs and extending promotional periods from three to four weeks.

A new range of price-marked products and 48 more own-label lines - including premium chocolates and New World wines - will also be made available to stores.

Afternoon and evening deliveries, as well as six-day deliveries, will be introduced so retailers can improve lead times and availability. Previously, only morning and five-day deliveries were available.

Musgrave Retail Partners also plans to introduce chilled vehicles across its fleet, instead of packing chilled goods in ice-packed containers.

Base level EPoS will be introduced in all stores, though retailers will also be able to upgrade to Londis Manager, a full-scale bespoke system that offers retailers a wireless handheld terminal, automatic reordering, stock taking and retail sales reports.

The overhaul was part of plans to create "the best convenience supply chain in the UK from a cost, availability and service perspective", MRP supply chain director Scott Wharton told Londis's annual retailer conference.

MD Phil Smith, also speaking at the event, added: "We are confident that we can develop a powerful and compelling brand for Londis."

Retailers were "raving" about the plans, said Barrie Seymour, chairman of the Londis National Retailer Council, this week.

"The investment in the supply chain is phenomenal," he said. "Wharton has promised Londis will have the best supply chain in four to five years time and it will make Londis a much more efficient and smoother force in retailing."

Atul Sodha, who runs a Londis in Harefield, said: "This is a definite move in the right direction. The initiatives will put us more on a par with other retailers.They are far more advanced than before and will help us become more efficient and streamlined."