Aberness Foods is celebrating the acquisition of its biggest ever convenience store in a deal with TM Retail. The Aberdeen based distributor to Scottish Mace outlets has bought the former Forbuoys store in Newmachar, near Aberdeen. The store has selling space of 4,500 sq ft. Aberness retail director Graeme Hay said: "The store in Newmachar will become the flagship Mace store in our 36 strong retail division. The scale of it provides an ideal platform to trial new retailing initiatives. We are confident about the potential of this store, and believe we can increase turnover to more than £40,000 per week." Also in the deal, Aberness has acquired the McColl's outlet in Countesswells Road, Aberdeen, to be merged with a neighbouring Mace. In return it has sold a Mace store in Banchory to TM Retail. TM Retail's marketing director Paul Baxter said the sales were a good deal for both companies. "The store in Newmachar was effectively a supermarket and needed specialist product sections like meat and bakery. Our skills lie in other areas and because Aberness is better at offering fresh food it should be able to take it to the next level." The store acquisitions take effect at the beginning of March. {{NEWS }}