Premium juice brand Minute Maid is planning a return to the UK almost six years after it was squeezed out of chiller cabinets by own label products and market leader Tropicana.
Coca-Cola Enterprises says it will launch Minute Maid in the summer. And it is promising that the range has been developed to suit British tastes - with new formulations, packaging and advertising. The range could eventually include a cholesterol-lowering juice, although CCE said that was a long way off.
Marketing director Norman Brodie pledged: “Minute Maid will stand out from the crowd.”
But that crowd includes two huge PepsiCo brands: Tropicana and Copella. And PepsiCo this week strengthened its position by acquiring PJ Smoothies.
Minute Maid is a key brand for Coca-Cola and is marketed in almost 100 countries. The brand was launched in the UK in 1998 as part of a joint venture with Danone but was withdrawn a year later.