Name and address withheld

Sir; As a shopper and somebody who works in the industry, Morrisons does not appear to me to be keeping Safeway staff or their customers in the picture as to what is happening as stores are refurbished.
In May, staff at my local Safeway Megastore at Milton Keynes seemed to be in the dark, in contrast to our local Tesco, which during its expansion had consistently communicated to customers future layouts etc.
Last week - four weeks after commencement of any work at the Megastore - some temporary signage appeared welcoming you to a brighter future with the Pie Shop. However staff in store were unable to confirm what changes were happening.
This seems to smack of a degree of complacency by management. Good internal communication should be the order of the day but it does not appear to be happening. During a change process, you need to do a number of things carefully and this includes keeping in touch with all of the stakeholders in a business - staff, suppliers, shareholders and, most importantly, customers.
Tesco has a dominant presence in town plus a larger Asda store is due soon located just 3.5 miles away. If Morrisons does not tread carefully, it could possibly lose more customers than it may well gain.
Large superstores are a destination shop. Safeway had previously gone out of its way with its Megastore format to create a more pleasant shopping experience. The changes towards the standard Morrisons format in my view might just be going backwards.
Morrisons could do better, and should do more as competitors abound in Milton Keynes.