Morrisons is to scrap the shoppers discount card for Safeway pensioners, arguing the price cuts it has implemented in Safeway stores make it unnecessary.

In a letter to pensioners, Safeway personnel and training director Mike Greenwood said: “The information in The Grocer magazine each week in its Storewatch feature demonstrates that Morrisons’ basket shop is generally 12-14% lower in price than the corresponding price of the Safeway basket.

“As part of the work being carried out to integrate the two businesses, we have considered carefully the 10% discount for Safeway pensioners and have decided that in light of the reductions, this discretionary benefit is no longer appropriate.

“I am therefore writing to confirm that your 10% Safeway discount will cease from August 28 at which point your card will become invalid.”

Pensioners have reacted angrily. One said: “The decision pays scant regard to pensioners’ loyalty or the collective history of the Safeway / Argyle family which stretches back well over a hundred years.”

In a statement issued to The Grocer, Morrisons indicated that it would not reconsider. It said it was committed to maintaining links with pensioners through a dedicated programme of activity, adding: “One of our senior team will attend their October 5 annual meeting to brief them on the Safeway integration.”