Asda has put grey market designer sunglasses on sale as the European Court of Justice rules in favour of Tesco in its battle with Levis. The interim ruling clarifies EU law on grey market imports and will open the floodgates for sales of knockdown designer gear in the UK. A Tesco spokesman said Tesco plans to add to its team of buyers to stockpile parallel imports in anticipation of the full ruling due in the next three months. Levi Strauss had been battling for over two years to stop Tesco sourcing designer products from countries outside the EU and then selling them at knockdown prices. The EU court advocate-general considered whether a trademark holder can continue to claim rights over the sale of products if they were first sold outside the EU, and at what point the rights are "exhausted". The advocate found the matter is for the national courts. A Tesco spokesman said precedent in the UK judicial system is on its side. Asda has hit on a plethora of top brands owners such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Rayban with its new shades range. The designer sunglasses are on sale in over 220 stores, with prices set at up to 60% below manufacturers recommended levels. Raybans which normally sell for around £65 now cost £39.99, Calvin Kleins are priced at £59.99 not £100. ASDA speciality division director david Miles said: "We're making designer sunglasses affordable to all." The developments come as the British Brands Group launches a manifesto to protect the rights of brand manufacturers. {{NEWS }}