Stores have been told to clear a range of Milkybar Buttons products from shelves after a consumer found a piece of rubber in a pack.

Nestlé issued a recall order this week and has established that the rubber came from a production line belt at one of its manufacturing facilities.

“Based on our risk assessments we believe only a very small number of products or possibly none at all are affected,” said a spokeswoman. “As a precautionary measure we have decided to voluntarily recall the products.”

The affected Milkybar Buttons products are: 30g bags with best before date October, November and December 2011; multi-packs of four 20g bags best before November 2011; Milkybar Giant Buttons 150g bags best before November and December 2011; and 310g Nestlé Treatsize packs containing Milkybar Buttons best before August and September 2011.

Nestlé said other Milkybar products and Easter eggs were not affected.

In addition, Victoria Foods has recalled its Jane Asher Milkybar: My First Baking Kit (best before October and November 2011), which contains packs of Milkybar Buttons.