Happy Egg Company owner Noble Foods is looking to sell an estimated £400m stake in its business, reports have suggested.

Owners Peter Dean and Michael Kent have instructed Rothschild to handle the deal, which is expected to attract private-equity interest, The Sunday Times reported.

Aside from the Happy Egg Co, which is worth about £75m, Noble Foods’ egg portfolio includes Big & Fresh, Goldenlay Omega 3 and Eggs for Soldiers, an egg brand that collects monies for armed forces charities. It also markets an egg range under the ‘One’ brand in partnership with The One Foundation.

In addition, Noble Foods owns the Gü desserts brand, although that is not going to be part of the deal, according to The Sunday Times.

Sales at Noble Foods reached £600m in 2011, with pre-tax profits of £11.9m.

Noble Foods was not immediately available for comment. Rothschild declined to comment.