Asda has widened the pricing gap yet again as the non-food battle heats up.

According to The Grocer 33 Non-Food report, Asda is the cheapest retailer for the third non-food survey in a row. It came top with a basket £3.16 cheaper than Tesco's, excluding clothes. The gap between Asda and Tesco has widened since the previous non-food survey in November, when there was a £2.56 difference between the two baskets, excluding clothes.

Tesco came in second-cheapest this quarter with a basket £11.44 cheaper than last time.Though it came in third, Morrisons has clearly been working hard to bridge the pricing gap, slashing £8.52 off our items since last quarter. It has reduced the price of seven items in our basket, including £1 off a standard umbrella.

The most price movement has been seen in electricals, with the price of the cheapest stainless steel kettle dropping by £1.81 at Asda since The Grocer 33's previous survey.

Not to be left behind, Tesco has reduced a similar product at its stores by £1.51. Sainsbury's reduced the price of its cheapest stainless steel kettle by 81p and Morrisons has lowered its by 20p.

After Asda and Tesco dropped the price of a 2-slice toaster to just £4.44 last quarter, Asda has edged ahead again by knocking a further 4p off the price of the same item. Morrisons and Sainsbury's have also knocked down the price of their 2-slice toasters to £4.44, to bring them in line with Tesco.

The price of a DVD player at Asda is back in line with its rivals, after a promotion in January where the retailer sold it for just £9. Sainsbury's has lopped £2 off the price of its cheapest DVD player to bring it in line with Morrisons, with Tesco's price remaining static.

There has been minimal movement on clothing. Asda's basket price was identical to last time, with Tesco lopping just 25p off its clothing basket. Sainsbury's dropped its basket price by £1, due to a lower price for its cheapest men's jeans, while Morrisons has no comprehensive clothing line.