Asda might have lost its grip on our regular Grocer 33 survey, but there's no denying its untouchable position in non food.

Asda's shopping list is more than £12 cheaper than it was in our last non-food survey three months ago. Items such as the duvet, microwave and stainless steel ­kettle were all cheaper than before. Top chart DVDs also now cost less - Asda sold Rocky Balboa for only £9, whereas before, a top DVD was retailing at £11.97.

Morrisons may be nearly £20 adrift from Asda's total (you can buy another DVD player for that) but it too should be congratulated for drastically dropping its non-food prices. It has replaced Tesco as ­second cheapest retailer, although you might want to buy your towels elsewhere. Morrisons' 16cm saucepan is £1.50 less than three months ago and the PS2 game is £3 cheaper. Everyday items such as AA batteries are also noticeably cheaper - down from 79p to 63p. But Morrisons provides the most expensive copy of Wicked, Jilly Cooper's latest raunchy bestseller.

Unlike its competitors, Tesco has not reduced the price of its cheapest DVD player, which remains £17.84 - the most expensive on the list. It has, however, reduced the duvet cover by £1 and must be predicting a wet summer as the umbrella is £4 less. Tesco's pizza cutter is actually 52p more expensive since our last survey.

Our clothing section reads exactly the same for Tesco and Asda, but Sainsbury's has halved the price of its women's white blouse from £8 to £4.

But although Sainsbury's basket is £20 less than it was last time, it is once again our most expensive non-food retailer with a non-clothing total of £158.92. At £10, its duvet cover is more than twice the price of the other retailers' offerings. Across the piece, its prices are generally the most expensive, but it doesn't get the wooden spoon prize for the wooden spoon - it provided one of the cheapest on the list for only 19p.