It has been a year since we first launched The Grocer 33's Non Food Report. Twelve months on, and the results of our fifth quarterly survey of non food price points are virtually identical to those we published in August 2005.

Asda is back at the top spot, having reclaimed its position as The Grocer 33's cheapest supermarket for non food, after the cost of its total basket price plummeted by a pocket-jangling £6.49 since our last report on 13 May 2006.

The results of our most recent survey of 33 commonly bought non food items show that Asda is currently 56p cheaper than Tesco, which claimed the non food crown in the last of our quarterly surveys. The pair are currently matching each other for price on 22 of the 33 products on our list, which is four less than in our last report.

And while Tesco's receipt also rang in a good deal cheaper than it did three months ago (£5.31 cheaper), Asda was presenting some lower ticket prices for a number of items, mostly in the home and kitchenware categories. Asda is now £1.42 cheaper than before for its value double duvet cover, while Tesco's price has remained unchanged at £6.47.

The cheapest stainless steel kettle that we could find at Tesco was £15.97, compared with £14.77 at Asda, and at 97p Asda was still boasting a rock bottom price for its standard pizza cutter. However, at £6.73, Tesco was charging £2.24 less than its rival for our selected chart CD - Ray Lamontagne's Trouble.

Both retailers produced identical receipts of £16.75 for the five clothing items on our list, despite having differently priced products.

Despite costing £3.20 more than in our last report, Sainsbury's managed to retain its position as the third cheapest supermarket for non food on our list. The cost of a pair of black trousers has gone up from £6 in our last report to £10. At £4.49, Sainsbury's also sports the highest price of all the retailers for a 500-sheet block of printer paper. The cost of our non food basket excluding clothing at Morrisons came to £188.11, which is marginally cheaper than in our last report.