This issue we have focused on some of the categories and brands/products that do not make it into the top five charts published, either because they do not have the same budgetary purse strings as the big brands, or the categories they are in do not make the top ten as they are overshadowed by the larger categories.

There has been consistent activity within the biscuits/cakes, crisps/snacks and pet categories over the last few issues, with well-known brands displayed in the featured space aisles, but due to the dominance of the grocery, chilled and beverages/wines/spirits categories to name a few, they do not usually make it into the charts.

When looking at biscuits/cakes, Fox's has been keeping up with ­McVitie's and has, this week, taken the top spot with a range of buy-one-get-one-free offers across Morrisons and Somerfield stores.

McVitie's came a very close second, with offers on Chocolate Digestives and Jaffa Cakes favouring the 'x for y' mechanic across three retailers.

Cadbury is third, despite current negative publicity for its confectionery products, with offers on Cadbury Fingers and Mini Rolls.

McCoy's and Golden Wonder share the top spot in the crisps/snacks category with McCoy's having buy-one-get-one-free offers across Morrisons and 50% extra free offers in Asda, Golden Wonder has two-for-£1.20 and save offers across its range in Somerfield stores.

Quaker, Walkers and Pringles have also shown consistent offers in previous weeks but have seemed to scale down activity this issue.

The pet category has once again recorded consistent promotional activity this week with both Whiskas and Pedigree being the most dominant brands.

All Whiskas promotions this week have been 'x for y' across its ranges of Complete, Oh So pouches and tins, with the Pedigree brand recording activity across three retailers with its 6 x 385g tins and complete dry mix.