Sainsbury is set to launch advertising messages from third party brands on a range of own label produce.

The initiative, which will be launched over the next two months, means customers could pick up a pack of mince on which the label would have an advertisement for a sauce that goes with it, or perhaps a pack of oranges with a promotional message from a cereal manufacturer.

Produce such as vegetables, fruit, bread, meat, poultry and eggs could all carry a message, which will appear on the label. The move signifies the increasing importance of instore communication as a revenue-generating tool for retailers. It is the brainchild of alternative media agency Value Initiatives, which is calling the media Onpack.

Value Initiatives will act as the media sales agency, work with the producer and its printers and handle all monies.

A percentage of the revenue will go to Sainsbury as well as an incentive to the producer.

“The launch of Onpack continues to show our commitment to meet the growing demands from brands for innovative and effective media,” said Sainsbury’s
marketing manager Phil Smithson. “It not only enhances our media portfolio but allows us to add additional value to our consumers and brands. It provides our brands with a unique ability to reach consumers both in store and in their households in an eye-catching and innovative way.”

The launch follows the success of Value Initiatives’ Milkmedia, which runs in Sainsbury and Tesco in conjunction with Express Dairies, Dairy Crest and Robert Wiseman.

Milkmedia has been used by Unilever, Kraft, Cereal Partners, Legoland and ITV among others and is rolling out in Safeway from January.

This means it will reach over 52% of households that shop at multiples across the UK.

A typical cost for seven million milk labels across four weeks is around £70,000 including post campaign evaluation.
Siân Harrington