Tesco has completed the roll out of a Price Launch initiative across its Asian operations.
The initiative ­ modelled on the retailer's famous We sell for less' activity in the UK ­ highlights the amount of cash invested in permanently lowering the prices of a range of products. Price Launch has been unveiled in Taiwan, following introductions in Thailand, Malaysia and Korea.
"The idea is to position ourselves as the best value retailer in the countries where we operate," said Peter Bracher, Tesco's head of international corporate affairs.
The activity has raised fears of price wars in some countries. But Seoung-Han Lee, who runs Tesco's joint venture in Korea, said that was because Price Launch was a new kind of initiative for markets used to temporary cuts. He said the initiative would help Samsung Tesco build stronger relationships with consumers in Korea. "The important thing is to give them trust on price."

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