Tesco was the cheapest store this week at £55.98. Tesco's win built on last week's second-placed finish and ended its long spell out of the top position.

Asda dropped to second place this week after its five-week run in the top spot. Asda's basket price of £56.94 was 1.7% more than Tesco's.

Asda and Tesco had the same price on 27 of the 33 items in this week's basket, with Asda cheaper on four items and Tesco lower on two. Tesco was cheaper because of its £1.41 lower price on own label lamb chops. It began a £2.00-off promotion last week, an 18% discount from the normal price of £10.98 per kilo. Asda followed this week, cutting its per kilo price on the product from £10.98 to £10.39.

Morrisons moved up to third place this week after four weeks in fourth position on the list. Its total of £58.25 was 4% more expensive than this week's cheapest, Tesco.

Morrisons increased the price of its signature pork pies by 4% this week, putting them up by 6p to £1.55. It also inched the price of the Andrex toilet roll four-pack down by 1p to £1.81.

Sainsbury's swapped positions with Morrisons, dropping back to fourth place this week at £58.90, 5.2% higher than Tesco's benchmark for the week. Sainsbury's raised the price of Ocean Spray cranberry juice to 98p this week. It had held the price of the Ocean Spray juice at 93p for most of the year, with the exception of brief periods in January and March.

Somerfield finally pulled out of last place this week, moving into fifth position at £66.25, or 18% more expensive than Tesco's first place total. Somerfield reduced the price of own label long grain rice by 25%, to £0.53. It had priced the rice at £0.68 in January and then slowly raised it to the £0.71 mark over the course of the year.

In the deli category, Somerfield dropped the price of its own label fresh penne pasta by 6p to £1.08. Somerfield had priced the pasta at £1.08 in January, dropped it to £0.99 in March, and then raised it to £1.14 last month.

Waitrose fell back to sixth place this week at £66.63.