While Asda and Tesco have been locked in a wrangle with one another to achieve the lowest prices, Morrisons has come from nowhere and undercut them both with a winning £55.89 basket.

Although Morrisons' prices were generally similar to those of Tesco and Asda, its Hardys Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon was £1.49 less than Asda's and its Smirnoff vodka was £1.74 cheaper than Tesco's offering. These two products proved crucial to Morrisons' top position.

Tesco is this week's runner-up with a £57.12 basket. Tesco increased the price of the Ginsters pasty by 46p from last week, making its offering the most expensive on the list. However, its pears were 28p less than last week and it provided the best value gammon.

With a £57.22 basket, Asda finds itself in a rare third position. It could not match the cheaper prices of Morrisons or Tesco on the gammon and houmous, though it sold the cheapest Smirnoff vodka and McVitie's Jamaican Ginger Cake.

Once again, Sainsbury's is in fourth position, with a £60.61 basket. The Hardys wine has proved decisive this week and Sainsbury's priced it at £5.99 - the most expensive on the list. Chocoholics would have been happy though, as Sainsbury's had reduced its Cadbury Dairy Milk by 39p from last week, making it the cheapest on the list.

Last week Somerfield was a hefty £6.03 more than its rival in fourth position, Sainsbury's. This week the gap has significantly narrowed and Somerfield is only £2.01 more expensive with a basket total of £62.62. Somerfield's prices for all of the frozen foods - the McCain Hash Browns, Wall's Vienetta and Birds Eye Garden Peas - were all the most expensive on the list and drove up the store's total price.

Waitrose's £67.95 basket means it is this week's most expensive retailer - more than £12 pricier than Morrisons. Its own-label non-food items pushed up the total. At £1.49, the Waitrose kitchen foil is nearly five times more expensive than the average price of its competitors.