Another batch of unbeatable prices has widened the gap between Asda and its rivals as it marks its third consecutive week as cheapest retailer.

Once again Tesco came closest to matching its total - but Asda's winning basket was a substantial £2.70 cheaper, considerably widening the 29p gap from the previous week.

Asda's key saving was on the Pedigree Chunks in Gravy: £4 compared with £5.64 at the other big four. Asda's Doritos and organic strawberry jam were 42p and 26p cheaper than the next-lowest prices at Morrisons.

Five other items were cheapest at Asda including the loose apples, which were its only reduction - 70p less this week.

At Morrisons new potatoes went down £1 to £1.99, but this only matched the prices at Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

Tesco provided the cheapest new potatoes for the far lower price of 78p. The only price change in its £52.71 basket was a 51p hike to its white seedless grapes, which gave them the most expensive price of £2.49. Tesco also had the highest price for the loose tomatoes, £1.99 compared with £1.69 at Asda.

Morrisons was stuck in third place for a second week despite making more price cuts than the other retailers.

Its £53.21 basket contained the cheapest frozen fruits of the forest, which were reduced by 27p to £1.48 this week. Along with the £1 cut to the new potatoes, Morrisons knocked 70p off the whole chicken to give it the list's most competitive price of £1.60.

Aside from the £1.21 hike to the new potatoes, Sainsbury's reduced its whole chicken by 44p, although it still had the steepest price of £2.31. Sainsbury's £54.67 basket was high enough to keep it in fourth position, despite its tomatoes having the lowest price of £1.49. However, it had the priciest Doritos and pitta bread.

Waitrose own-label pitta bread was the cheapest on the list and it also dropped 24p off the Ecover washing powder. Nevertheless, it was by far the dearest retailer with 18 of the highest prices.