Asda undercut the competition on a host of items to retain the cheapest retailer title this week, but Tesco was only a whisper behind. Nine of the items on the list were cheapest at Asda, which provided a £49.16 basket - just 29p less than Tesco's. The cheapest items included own-label digestives, Frijj, Highland Spring and Tropicana, but they cost only a few pennies more at the other retailers. Asda's biggest savings were on its pork chops, 40p cheaper than Tesco's, which had the next-cheapest price. And although Asda upped its chicken fillets by 86p, they still remained the cheapest. Asda increased the price of its sweet potatoes by 40p to £1.68, whereas Tesco cut them by 10p to £1.48, the joint-lowest price. Although Tesco reduced its digestives by 22p to 26p, it made a couple of price hikes that scuppered its chances of stealing top spot. Tesco added 36p to its Quorn and followed Morrisons by adding 25p to the Hellmann's mayonnaise. Morrisons dropped one place to third with a £52.31 basket. It made no price cuts this week but added 9p to the oranges making them the priciest on the list, and joined Sainsbury's in upping the Flora Light by 15p to join the other retailers at £1.28. Morrisons provided Cadbury Dairy Milk and chilled garlic baguettes for the lowest price of £1, but it was 91p shy of beating Asda on the chicken fillets. It was another quiet week for Sainsbury's and its only price change was the 15p hike on the Flora Light. However, its £53.56 basket contained the cheapest cauliflower at 79p. Waitrose's reductions outweighed its increases this week but it still provided 20 of the dearest items on the list. Its £59.84 total was £6.28 more than Sainsbury's, whereas last week it was only £2.83 more. Waitrose knocked 20p off its broccoli but it was still the most expensive. It also cut 10p off the cauliflower and 5p off the Aunt Bessie's apple pie. Its Hovis loaf increased by 12p to £1.60, pricier than any other retailer.