The battle for the title of cheapest retailer was frighteningly close this week, with just 84p separating the first and the fourth-place retailer, but after two weeks as the cheapest, Asda has been knocked off the top spot by Tesco.

Asda was consigned to fourth place as Tesco, which jumped from third place in last week’s rankings, undercut second-placed Morrisons by just 3p to take the title.

Tesco made a number of significant price cuts to produce its £60.05 basket. It reduced its loose pears by 40p and its baguette by 9p, although it upped the price of Dairylea spread by 17p to £1.14. 

It also boasted the cheapest Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yoghurt, at 34p less than Morrisons’, and its Branston pickle cost less than its nearest rival’s by 17p.

Morrisons followed closely, price-matching Tesco on 15 items, to undercut Sainsbury’s basket by 28p. Its own-label gammon joint was the cheapest on the list and 67p cheaper than Tesco’s, its sausage rolls were 40p cheaper and its sweet potatoes 31p cheaper. However, 13 items were more expensive than at Tesco. The largest differential was on Weetabix Organic, at 47p more, but Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yoghurt was 34p more expensive and own-label chicken breast fillets were 20p more per kg.

Asda lagged behind with a surprising second-priciest shop, despite fairly consistent prices compared with last week and price-matching the cheapest retailer on 20 items. Its pears did it the most damage, being 40p more expensive than Tesco’s. Its Branston Pickle, Butchers Choice dogfood, Weetabix Organic, Quorn chicken-style pieces and avocado were also pricier than Tesco’s.

Sainsbury’s climbed to third place thanks largely to a £3.81-a-kg reduction to the price of its own-label skinless chicken breast fillets, of £3.81 per kg. It also cut the price of Weetabix Organic by 47p and Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing by 9p.

Waitrose’s basket cost £8.69 more than this week’s cheapest basket. It had the cheapest in-store bakery whole loaf, but accounted for 23 of the most expensive items.