Golfing fans at Spar Scotland's show in Fife last week made a dash for the bunkers when a security alert caused an evacuation of the venue.
Being within driving range of golfing mecca The Old Course' at St Andrews, when the alarm turned out to be a false one some punters did not return to the hotel in question.
This left The Grocer's roving reporter a clear run for seconds at the buffet lunch.
Appetite sated, and armed with a few goodies from the show, our hack returned to the airport, where he put his booty bag on the security conveyor belt to be scanned.
As the bag emerged from the X­ray machine, a tube rolled down towards the security officer. "Do you want to talk me through this?" asked the guard holding up a can of new energy drink Dynamite ­ which was as red as our journo's face...