How long have you worked for Morrisons?I'm a real old timer. I joined Safeway more than 35 years ago and have been a store manager for the past 24. In that time I have managed eight stores mainly within the M25 area and opened two, including the company's flagship Camden Town branch in 1995.

I joined the High Wycombe store 14 months ago from Fleet and so far am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

What do you bring to the High ­Wycombe store?I strongly believe as a manager you have to be totally shop floor driven. I spend at least 98% of my days, which on average last for 12-13 hours, down on the shop floor talking to customers, observing processes at the checkout, and training my staff. Staff training is absolutely vital. If I see that something is not being done properly I will take the time to explain how it should be done, and,if needs be, I'll send them back to personnel for further training. I lead from the front, it's the only way.

What is your biggest challenge? Staying ahead of the game. Morrisons wants to be the best grocer in town and in High Wycombe we most definitely are. I also spend a few hours each week checking out the competition. I'll go down to the local Asda store, have a cup of tea and see what's what. I do the same at Sainsbury's and Tesco, too. It's important to always know what you are up against so you can better it.

Just this morning I was greeted by a bunch of letters from customers praising the store. Things like that are incredibly motivating.

What is the worst part of your job?

It's got to be rude and abusive customers. Behaviour like that can be very upsetting for staff. Working in the service industry you are always going to have to face situations like that now and again - all you can do is to try and diffuse problems quickly and efficiently and keep them at store level. It can also be irritating when customers complain that we have switched things around. People never can seem to grasp that sometimes change is necessary.