Can you tell us a little bit about your working history? I started working for Tesco 20 years ago as a trolley boy after leaving school and have stayed with the company ever since. Running my own store had always been a goal of mine and I started my first appointment as a store manager six years ago. I moved over to the Carlton Hill store from Tesco's Mansfield branch just over 12 months ago now and am enjoying every minute of it. It has more than lived up to my expectations.

What is the best thing about Tesco's Carlton store? Tesco's ethos of 'every little helps' is a real driving force at the Carlton Hill store. We recognise that availability is more important to customers than ever before, and do our very best to maintain this at all times. Customer service is equally vital and we pride ourselves on it. I am lucky to have such a hard-working team of staff and there is a tremendous team spirit. I was made to feel so welcome when I first started at the Carlton Hill store and I have tried to create a positive and fun working environment for everybody. Our staff really enjoy their jobs and I think the customers pick up on that.

What do you enjoy the most about your job? It's got to be the people that I work with. We have a team of more than 350 people, each with a different personality. I love the camaraderie that you get from working with such a large team, and find helping them to develop and forward their careers extremely rewarding. What is your greatest challenge?

Striving to do the right thing for your customers in a constantly changing environment is the main thing. No week or day is ever the same, you never know what you are going to have to deal with. While that can be hard at times it's also extremely enjoyable - you are certainly never bored!

What are your plans for 2006 and beyond? To maintain our excellent position in the local area (which is number one according to the CACI data above ) while focusing on moving on in my own career.