Nisa is to support its members in East Anglia with a marketing campaign that extols the benefits of shopping locally.
If successful, it could be rolled out to other parts of the UK.
MD of commercial services Neil Turton said the drive would use radio, press and personalised leaflets to promote members including Roys of Wroxham, RedOrange and HeadS.
The campaign works on two levels: first it explains that local shopping can deliver real value for money; second, it stresses the positive economic contribution that these local businesses are make to their communities.
Turton said such a campaign could work in any area where Nisa had a sufficiently large cluster of retailers - with Luton probably being the next port of call. “If it works we will roll this campaign out to other areas as an alternative to national marketing,” said Turton. “There are probably seven or eight areas where we can do that.”
He said Nisa did not have huge budgets for glossy national consumer advertising as its members wanted it to maintain its low-cost approach.
While the activity taking place in East Anglia was “reasonably expensive”, it offered good value for money and could yet be scaled up, he added.
With that in mind, Nisa has pulled out of perimeter ads at football grounds and is investing the cash in sharper activity.
US grocer Winn-Dixie has reopened 102 of the 125 stores that it operates in the New Orleans area. Winn-Dixie said it was working to reopen the remaining 23. It estimated that eight should reopen within six weeks and a further three within four months.

Japanese c-store operator 7-Eleven has extended its tender offer to buy the 27.3% stake it does not already own in its US subsidiary 7-Eleven US. 7-Eleven said it would extend its offer to October 18 from October 3 to give 7-Eleven US more time to review the offer.

Dutch retailer Ahold has sold its 33.3% stake in its Central American joint venture Carhco to Wal-Mart. Carhco owns an 85.6% stake in La Fragua, a discount hypermarket chain in Guatemala, and fully owns a discount hypermarket chain in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras - Corporación de Supermercados Unidos. Wal-Mart said that it intended to make additional investments in Carhco in order to get a majority stake.

Tate & Lyle has formed a Global Food Ingredients Group that will be responsible for global food ingredients marketing and growth opportunities. The group will focus on maximising the profitability of its current range of value-added and functional food ingredients.

Wal-Mart is facing a court case in California after 115,919 current and former workers accused the company of failing to give meal breaks or compensating workers for not taking them. Wal-Mart said that its policy was to comply with all requirements of Californian law pertaining to meal breaks. It is facing similar cases in 40 US states.
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