A Tesco store in a Dublin suburb was shut down for two days by environmental health officers because of mice infestation. Inspectors moved into the store in Prussia Street after a consumer complaint. They found dead and live mice and mice droppings. "It was disgusting," said Irish Food Safety Authority official Alan Reilly. "The store was seriously infested. "There were also food cartons there which were shredded and open, so it was obvious that the mice were active." Tesco was ordered to close the store immediately on the grounds it represented "a grave danger to public health". It is the first supermarket to be shut since the Irish Food Safety Authority, an independent agency, was established on a statutory basis three years ago. The store was allowed to reopen after Tesco staff spent two days working with health officials. The authority has still to decide whether to prosecute. "It could be that the two-day closure, with the attendant publicity, will be seen as sufficient punishment," said a spokeswoman. Tesco said it was treating "the situation as highly serious" and was conducting "a thorough investigation into the source of the problem". It added: "We are extremely concerned at the discovery of mice and would like to assure all our customers in Prussia Street that every possible step is being taken to eliminate the problem." {{NEWS }}