They say the first casualty of conflict is the truth. Things get confused when the flak starts flying and meaningful communication becomes impossible. It's called the 'fog of war'.

So as Asda's scrap with Tesco over prices gets bloodier than a ward full of haemophiliac self-harmers, it's no surprise to learn that even Asda is sending out some mixed messages.

A recent advert for the price-slashing supermarket showed its latest innovation in the battle for hearts and minds the Roll Forward. That certainly seems to be the message from the pictured transmission, broadcast back on 20 April. On proper Rollbacks, Asda loyalists will know, the arrow rolls... well, backwards.

Blogof hears that Asda recently changed the ­company that prints its Rollback signs a more complex operation than you might think, involving flipping images and working in reverse. It seems that somewhere in the process, somebody forgot to do all the right checks.

If losing the contract was bad news for the printing company, at least the gaffe has given its workers a ­reason to pay attention when those ads come on of women gathered round a laptop to see if they managed to save 10% on their crispy pancakes.