Tesco and Sainsbury have invested "multi-millions of pounds" in introducing satellite tracking equipment across the supply chain.
An 18-month roll-out of the Isotrak black box tracking to Tesco's 1,350 vehicles, 23 UK delivery centres and 740 stores has now been completed.
Tesco is now planning to implement the system at petrol forecourts.
Isotrak allows users to gather supply chain data for delivery scheduling and allocation of work, to measure performance and hence improve efficiency, and to analyse long-term trends.
Tesco distribution director Stuart Ross said the system gave Tesco command, control and visibility of transport efficiency: "putting the company in an excellent position to continue improving performance and reducing costs".
The real-time fleet management system includes an in-cab computer in each vehicle to monitor vehicle performance and location.
Sainsbury now uses the system from distribution centre to store, and will introduce it from supplier to distribution centre in the next three months.

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