Budgens is rolling out a new store management structure to strengthen its customer service.

The retailer has ditched the role of assistant store manager and introduced four managers: store manager, customer services manager, fresh food manager and ambient manager.

The customer services manager is a key role. This person will wander the shopfloor, help customers and keep an eye out for problems such as checkout queues. Each store will also have a local marketing/community
representative who will foster a close relationship with local people, helping with events and charities as well as promoting the store manager as the face of Budgens in the area.

“They will have the welfare of the community at heart,” said Musgrave UK executive chairman Eoin McGettigan.

Each store will also have its own training co-ordinator. The retailer’s flagship Hawkhurst store in Kent was the first to introduce the initiatives now being rolled out. Hawkhurst, which opened on October 2, is achieving Budgens’ highest customer baskets, at £19 compared to an average of £8.

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Siân Harrington