Sparkling juice drink Shloer has secured three significant listings within the grocery channel.

Shloer Bucks Fizz will be stocked as a permanent listing in Sainsbury's, within the seasonal aisle in Tesco's and within Somerfield. To celebrate, Shloer is giving five readers the chance to win 50 bottles of Shloer Bucks Fizz.

It was a hit in taste tests and secured the accolade of top-scoring product of 2006 in the Grocer's Acid Test.

With classic champagne-style packaging, complete with popping cork and foil, Shloer Bucks Fizz tastes just like the real thing, but without the headache.

Shloer Bucks Fizz is a sparkling blend of orange, grape and blood orange juice, free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours to create an exceptional non-alcoholic drink.

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