Two new depots at Barking and Blackburn, which will take it to the 30 mark, are in the pipeline and should be completed by the end of the year, says trading director Younus Sheikh.
Negotiations are advanced on a third site.
However, he insists the business can only expect to expand if its customers' businesses do the same and this is the philosophy which has driven the formation of the company's retailer development workshops.
These take retailers out of their shops for two days and give them the benefit of advice from some of the major manufacturers and senior Bestway staff and an opportunity to network with other retailers. However the company has learnt from last year's event which took place over two separate days, and introduced changes this year.
Sheikh says: "It is difficult enough to find a take an independent retailer away from his store for one day, but to then get him to come back for another day at a later date is almost impossible, so we have decided to run this year's event over two consecutive days." Even though the event is intended to help retailers sell more, and past results prove its effectiveness, Sheikh says they still have to resort to prize draws and subsidising travel expenses to encourage retailers to take part.
But feedback afterwards has proved very positive, he adds.
Bestway is also aiming to make the shopping experience for its customers more welcoming, as is demonstrated by its latest depot at Acton in West London, which opened in March.
The new depot, replacing one of Bestway's oldest ones next door, boasts heating and improved lighting which makes for a light and airy atmosphere despite the towering shelves.
Sheikh says customers and staff can expect the best features from Acton to be included in future depots.