Spar UK is poised to launch a new look fascia later this year. The group's new marketing controller Joanne Morley revealed the company would be launching the updated store exterior designs at its conference in September. It would be based on two concepts: "The key messages will be freshness and value." Morley has been responsible for the application of the Millennium store format programme. She said the new fascia would fit the continued roll out of the format. She explained: "The fascia will be available to all Spar stores ­ there will be different options for retailers to choose from. We want to look at the Spar offering quite differently. "We want to add in-store wine guides which would create an atmosphere of sophistication in lower budget retailers. We'll be looking at new ways of signing different store areas. And we'll be revamping the presentation of our in-store off-licences. Morley confirmed: "The work on our Millennium stores has been very successful. Between 1,400 and 1,500 out of 2,600 Spar outlets have been through the refit." She added that the new design had led to weekly sales increases of up to 60% in some stores: "It motivates retailers to invest in the refit if we can show them some of the success stories we've had." {{NEWS }}